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It doesn’t matter what your industry is, being at the helm of the organisation means keeping tabs on all things going on inside of the business. Knowing who is doing what and when is vital to keeping a smooth path and building on your success. But while it’s fairly easy to stay in touch with what’s going on with your own staff, clients and customers, it’s important to keep your eye on external forces acting on your business, which is why every control room can benefit from security console furniture.

Safeguarding the Staff

Protecting your business from outward forces such as burglars and trespassers is a round the clock battle, and with security staff members working antisocial shifts, it’s important that they are supplied with the tools they need to be comfortable and alert. Our security console furniture is designed with comfort and vigilance in mind, with monitor stands at a comfortable eye level, reducing the risk of neck and back pain and with just the right amount of depth to prevent eye strain.

Looking After Your Business

The craftsmen at Knotty Ash know that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to security and thus different companies have varying requirements for their security console furniture. But any company can reap the benefits of our Modular Desk System which is constructed with durable materials and finishes, ready to withstand 24-hour use. The best part of this security console furniture though, is that it can be flexibly combined to make any required configuration.

Saving Space

For those who have limited space for keeping tabs on their premises, or those that have many cameras to assess at once, our Pro Display Monitor Wall System is an easy to see solution. Raising monitors onto walls or onto plinths has all the benefits of our modular desk system but omits the needs for huge amounts of floor space.

If you could benefit from new security console furniture and would like to discuss your options, call our team today on 01799 531 202.

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