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In the fast-paced industry of broadcasting, it’s vital that every member of the team has the necessary tools to carry out their job to a high standard and in the most time efficient way. Depending on a company’s output platform, will depend on what categorises as necessary equipment can be vastly different, but there is one steadfast piece of kit that every broadcasting employee relies on; broadcasting furniture, so making sure that you invest in the best is key in the smooth running of daily operations.


Sturdy Solution

Everyone has experienced bad furniture in the workplace from uneven legs to wobbly surfaces and these sorts of issues can quickly become huge problems. Although they may seem like trivial inconveniences, poorly made broadcast furniture can escalate into huge distractions that frustrate the workforce and cause them to become unfocused and demotivated. Thus, having a sturdy solution, made from robust materials such as wood and metal is a much better option than a cheap synthetic flat pack option.


Cost Effective

The draw of purchasing cheap broadcasting furniture can be alluring to business owners, with tight budgets to work too and multiple installations to consider. While the cost-saving nature of some suppliers can seem like a benefit initially, it is important to consider that it may need replacing sooner than a slightly more expensive solution. It’s true what they say; you get what you pay for, so bear in mind when choosing your broadcast furniture that it can be better to layout more initially for a desk that lasts 5-10 years longer than the cheaper options.


Knotty Ash Woodworking are premium suppliers of broadcasting furniture that is reliable and cost effective, so if you’re looking to update your company offices and need some design inspiration, give us a call on 01799 531 202 today.

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