Is Your Style Killing Your Meetings?

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Spending time in meetings takes up a large portion of the working day and if they’ve been lacking a bit of umph, it could be down to your boardroom furniture. Many companies make the mistake of overlooking the layout or furnishings within a boardroom but how you coordinate a room can have a huge impact on meetings and brainstorming sessions, so we’ve put together some tips on reinvigorating your boardroom.

Boardroom Furniture

When fashioning a boardroom, it’s important to understand how the room will be used and identify the key requirements. Will people need to be able to move freely around the room? Will the boardroom furniture need to be easily reconfigured for presentations? Does there need to be storage for meeting supplies? All of these questions need to be meticulously studied in order to get the most out of your boardroom so that employees and visitors can reach their full potential when using it. At Knotty Ash, we take all of your unique requirements to style boardroom furniture that meets the demands of your workplace.

Get Creative!

Once you’ve decided on the best boardroom furniture for the job, you can have a bit of fun with the colour scheme and design of the room. The key idea is to enhance your businesses corporate culture using furniture, paint, colour and decorations that match with your brand identity. Think about the message you want to portray, if you’re looking to procure a modern reputation, glass and greyscale are super chic and timeless, whereas if you’re a more playful company, bright colours and quirky ornaments are a good go to.

At Knotty Ash, all of our boardroom furniture is designed in conjunction with the client and we can develop desks and seating that projects the right messages about your business. Call us to discuss your ideas on 01799 531 202.

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