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The media is an ever-evolving industry, that in the last 50 years alone has moved from manually cutting roles of film and pasting them together to create a moving picture, to live streaming at events using nothing but a mobile phone and an internet connection. Just as the technology, has moved on with the times and become more portable, adaptable to the surroundings and technologically advanced, so to have our media desks.
Control One Desk
Our latest media desks is a mark of true futurism and is our most technologically enabled desk to date. Featuring height adjustability in the main countertop that allows for comfortable use by all media staff, the desk is easily transformed from a graphic designer’s work area to that of an editor, at just the touch of a button. As well as the desktop, the monitor shelf is also height adjustable with the computer screens able to be raised to eye level or even lowered to below counter level to accommodate more equipment when extra space is required.
Flawless Features
The control one desk has built in speakers in the counter top, helping to maximise space usage and making them ideal for audio and video playback in media settings. An LED command strip runs underneath the surface of the desk, giving it a humble glow that emanates style and helps set the mood for editors, journalists or colour graders who rely on a creative environment to stimulate them. Modular in design, this sleek and chic media desk comprises of side panelling, under counter monitor shelves, with breathable panels for discreet storage and a rail supported counter for sturdiness.
For more information about our new media desk, or to see the control one desk up close, check out our Youtube channel.
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