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At Knotty Ash Woodworking, media desks are one of our key specialties and as it stands, is our largest collection so far. The diversity of our range is a testament to just how varied a media role can be an over the years we have adapted our range to be as comprehensive as possible, meeting the needs of radio, broadcast and digital media wherever possible. No one day is ever the same in the industry and so a media desk must be able to keep up with the demands of the role and be adaptable. Take a look at the features we offer below, that made our media desks suited for just that.

Single or Multiple Occupancy

Some roles in the media are solitary, that of a graphics editor, director or sound mixer for example and require complete privacy. Others, are multiple person operations such as documentary teams, journalistic groups and gallery staff. That’s why we offer everything from a single occupancy editor desk right through to our Control One Desk that can comfortably seat a whole team of operatives.

Cable Management

Modern media environments have many pieces of electrical equipment from microphones and computers through to mixing desks and colour graders. These unfortunately come with many wires, which can be an eyesore or a trip hazard en-mass. Thankfully, we can offer cable containment within many of our media desks to keep staff safe and reduce the tangled mess.

Monitor Arms / Shelves

Computer monitors take up huge amounts of space and in the broadcasting industry, there are often many of them needed. By providing monitor arms or raised monitor shelves on our media desk installations, our designs allow for the full counter space to be used in a more productive manner, either by holding other equipment or accommodating additional staff members.

For more information about our media desks, call our team on 01799 531 202.

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