Security Desks and Clean Desk Policy

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Whether you run a CCTV security firm and employ full time staff to monitor incoming images, or you’re a consumer based retailer that relies on GDPR compliance to keep data safe, secure practices can help safeguard your business against threats or breeches. Staff working in these roles may require a professionally styled security desk to help them do their job to the best of their ability, but there are some easy ways to make your business more secure. A clean desk policy refers to doing everything you can to avoid a security infringement, and there are some things effecting this that many of us are guilty of!

Password Protect

Even if staff responsible for securing the company work in isolation, in a locked room and obscure the screens on their security desk, not password protecting the computer could make it easier for someone to get hold of data or access something off limits. Not only should they be password protected, they should also be set to lock automatically after periods of inactivity for maximum safety.

Lock File Cabinets

If your businesses still store important information in physical forms as well as digital forms, this should be filed away in a locked filing cabinet. Whether it’s tax returns or employee information, keeping this under lock and key will help to prevent data from being stolen and will legally cover the business in some respects. Another way to further tighten this protection, is to ensure the key is removed and stored safely when not in use.

Clean Desktop

It’s easy for security desks to become clogged with items from the day to day, be it documents, post it notes, calendars and diaries, but even these things can be dangerous for business if in the wrong hands. Make sure that the desktops are free from any information that could be damaging, whether it’s a calendar with sensitive dates, password reminders or even colleague phone numbers.

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