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Furniture, while totally practical and necessary in any workplace can also be fun and stylish and can impact the overall vibe of the office. Style of furniture can also play a role in motivating staff, reflecting company values and inspiring productivity and our custom console design team can craft beautiful bespoke pieces that tick all of the boxes.


Successful Design

Custom consoles are best when they are designed to stand up to the job they are required for and ensure that the employees using them are well equipped to deliver. Comfort and practicality are best combined so that employees can carry out their duties to the best of their ability and help the business to thrive. Knotty Ash have been designing such installations for over 30 years and use our experience across industries to ensure custom consoles meet and exceed the needs of a the brief every time and incorporates all necessary features for a fully functional desk.


Boost the Brand

Our bespoke service also allows clients to style their products in line with their company weather this means using company colours, emblazoning with branding or even utilising the business name. By having full control over the colour scheme, materials and configuration of the furniture, we allow companies to indirectly boost their brand through their design, inspiring both employees and site visitors once installed. This can be a valuable reputation building approach that solidifies the business as professional.



By designing all furniture in 3D colour visualisations before we begin building, our custom console service allows businesses to experiment with their design, make alterations and play around at no additional cost. By providing a to scale version of the finished product in a synthesised environment companies can see exactly how the desk will look and make alterations before we cut any material or make any irreversible changes.


If you’re interested in our custom build service, contact the team today on 01799 531 202.

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