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Layout and furnishings play a key role in creating a well equipped and presentable space and are also the key to office productivity. Striking the right balance in practicality and style is essential, with cluttered areas being stressful for employees and sparse spaces leaving staff feeling under equipped. Knotty Ash create a range of technical furniture that utilises space effectively, looks fantastic and promotes productivity.



Our range of technical furniture is all modular in design, making it simple to reorder and organise the feel of the workplace to accommodate for more staff, increased furniture or just a new look. Whether you opt for our GRAND desk system or our smaller STREAM desk system you’re always getting the highest quality technical furniture. Reconfiguring is easy and with the option of detachable side pedestals, you can refresh your setup as often as you like.



Some workplaces benefit from installations that are less mainstream, which is why our range extends past traditional desks and edit suites. Our Pro Display Monitor wall system hands screens in a vertical manner, making them ideal for CCTV galleries and broadcasters with many feeds to monitor. They’re also fantastic for use in smaller spaces and take up only wall space as oppose to floor space, so won’t encroach on seating areas or desks.



All businesses require different technical furniture specifications which is why we have an extensive range and also offer a bespoke service. We know there isn’t a one size fits all installation and so we can take our pre-existing designs and form them into a more suitable product for those who have additional needs from their furniture.

SCR Broadcasting Furniture Console

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