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After a long closure due to coronavirus restrictions, salons across the country are expected to open in April and resume grooming members of the public. However, much like everyone in the UK, the salons may need a bit of a fresh trim themselves, having stood empty throughout the pandemic. If a quick clean round and a lick of paint aren’t quite going to cut it, then investing in a salon reception desk might be just what’s needed to signify this fresh start!


New Look

There is no better way to welcome a new start than switching up the décor and weather you simply want to refresh your existing style or totally transform, salon reception desks can take your aesthetic up a notch and signify a new era. Using Knotty Ash’s custom desk service, salons can take advantage of our extensive design experience and allow us to create a statement desk that stands out or to create something subtle yet practical. Whether you want us to take control of the process or you want us to build your masterpiece, we’re happy to be as involved as you like in the initial conception process.


Protect Your Business

In a post-Covid world, a salon reception desk is no longer just where the guests check-in and out for their appointments, it is also a physical barrier, a social distancing enforcer and protection for staff. For that reason, all new installations should be built with minimising the spread of virus’ and germs in mind. Employing screens can help to stop staff and customers from breathing germ-carrying water droplets onto each other while having a large countertop can stop people from getting too close. Whatever your requirements, the team at Knotty Ash can help to incorporate theses safety features in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


For more information about our salon reception desks, call our team on 01799 531 202.

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