Why we Make Customisable Edit Suite Desks

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Not all desks were created equal. At Knotty Ash, our decades of experience has solidified our understanding of the truth that desks can now be complete systems that streamline your operations, function specifically for your industry and look good simultaneously. Every piece of furniture we make is tailored to the client, from salon reception desks to security desks and more. Let’s explore edit suite desks and how we can make yours the best investment for your building.



Versatility is guaranteed: our experts have devised a Media Edit Desk system with numerous configurations to ensure it is compatible with any control room environment. It comes with fully interchangeable components and is ergonomically designed so it can streamline the operations of the required number of people, from a team to just one person. We believe edit suite desks should ideally be designed in a modular format, and that is exactly the practice our in-house designers have carried out with our media edit desk system.


Functionality for All

One of the most commonly desired features of edit suite desks is multi-person compatibility without creating a crowd of people that hampers productivity. Our in-house designers prioritise functionality every time, including with the creation of this desk system, so the aforementioned interchangeable components can serve to accommodate several people simultaneously. There is even room for additional devices as technical furniture is our speciality.


See in 3D

Not only do we ensure our edit suite desks function effectively for the technologically advanced modern world and compatible industries, our in-house designers also create the sleekest designs imaginable. As always, bespoke requests are taken on board as our team collaborates with you every step of the way, including giving you a preview by way of a 3D visualisation ahead of the completion process.


If you would like to find out more about Knotty Ash, any of our products or simply want to get ordering, contact our personable team today.

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