Why Your Radio Station Studio Needs Our Furniture

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At Knotty Ash, we understand the various demands of radio station studio furniture. Not only have we been building ergonomic desk furniture for almost three decades, but we have specialised experience of manufacturing radio studio furniture for some of the most popular radio stations in the UK. We are trusted to build furniture that fits the industry as well as the specific demands of the customer to a gold standard, and we pride ourselves on creating bespoke furniture that lasts.



A radio station studio is not your typical office in any way, so a different approach must be made to housing the equipment and aiding productivity while providing comfort. Radio station studios have guests that vary in number, from additional presenters to a host of technicians and more, so adaptability is of paramount importance. Our experts have the ability to provide you with an impressive custom desk specifically assigned to impress as well as more practical furniture designed for a team to use every day. As ever, the aesthetic is decided by you.



The beauty of creating bespoke furniture is that you can tailor every project to the client’s specific requests. We are able to create furniture that matches your existing designs as well as providing you with new desks, all designed specifically for the radio studio environment. The end result will function optimally and look so sleek that productivity will be streamlined, and employee motivation will be enhanced. We can supply voice-over tables, standard and custom 19” rack bays, acoustic racks, voice-over tables, acoustic interview tables and media storage units.


A crucial focal point for a radio station studio is the fact it is a 24 hour environment and therefore the equipment will be in use almost constantly. The furniture we manufacture is suited to the constant buzz of the radio station studio, with multi-usage tables allowing for live recording, mixing, interviewing, and all the other pursuits you need custom-built radio studio furniture to accommodate.


It is more than just a workspace as it reflects your brand and ethos; it is a place of creativity. The designs our expert craftsmen produce will reflect the values of your radio station and look as impressive as its ergonomic features are in their functionality. To maximise the modernity of the furniture you receive and to do our part in helping the planet, all materials used are sustainably sourced. Not only is our radio studio furniture made with special attention given to environmental concerns, but it is made to fit your bespoke requirements.

For more information about our radio studio furniture or to enquire about your customisation options, please contact a member of our team today.

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