Why is Bespoke Furniture Important?

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Furniture has its own language. As soon as you step into a building, you can tell from the furniture in the room what the function of the room was set out to be. If a potential employee or guest you want to impress walks into a tv studio that looks like an ordinary office, it undermines your mission instantly. All the branded signs fixed to the door and the most detailed goal lists won’t help you to make a positive first – or lasting impression, unless you have the right equipment for the job at hand. Our tv station studio furniture is built to withstand the demands of the environment and our expert team always install furniture in accordance with your building.



The integrity of your workplace is called into question when you aren’t equipped with the standard operating equipment for the industry you operate in. Our experienced team offer creations such as the media edit desk range and the broadcast one desk that can be further tailored with optional extras and configurations that suit your specific requirements. In fact, all our tv station studio furniture is tailored precisely to your requests in addition to our team contributing their informed opinion as to what positioning would work best for your company.


Brand Representation

All our furniture is made from sustainably sourced material, and we use Bio Carbon Neutral materials in the building of all our desks to protect the rainforest, plus our planet. Another way to represent your brand is by representing your focus as green in an environment where acting sustainably is both widely accessible (thanks to companies like ours) and non-negotiable in the eyes of the public.


If you would like to find out more about how our tv station studio furniture can empower your workplace, please contact a member of the team today.

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