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With people having now returned to the office post-pandemic, many businesses are trying to improve the ergonomics of their workplace. As the study of what you can do to help your workers stay healthy and perform better, ergonomics is important in order to help boost employee morale and cater for comfort. At Knotty Ash Woodworking, we offer a range of ergonomic solutions to benefit your office. From control and broadcast studio chairs to keyboard trays and LCD monitor mounts, our additions will keep your employees comfortable and happy.


Range of Solutions


Adding additional components to office furniture is a simple way to both improve ergonomics and maximise the visual impression for visitors, promoting the reputation of your brand. Our premium bespoke designs allow you to choose a variety of different options to increase practicality, comfort and aesthetics. By adding elements such as chair arms and speaker stands into the design of your custom furniture, we can help you to increase productivity in creating a more efficient working environment for every space.


Whether you are a broadcast company or security experts, our skilled design engineers can also identify how to enhance the ambiance of your control rooms. Extras such as LED and task lighting can be incorporated into your console or added as an individual product, in addition to our vast array of optional industry-suitable products to meet your exacting requirements.


Exceptional Quality


After spending over 30 years in the business of furniture making, Knotty Ash Woodworking has achieved a stellar reputation for both the quality of our products and the service that we provide. Working with clients across a number of industry sectors, we pride ourselves on meeting the high standards that customers expect, within a quick turnaround time. Our experience in improving the ergonomics for businesses across the country has been proven time and time again.


Streamline your workflow today with our range of bespoke products, by contacting our team of craftsmen. Simply call 01799 531 202 or email [email protected].

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