How to Plan for Control Room Furniture

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At the heart of every mission critical organisation is a well-planned control room. Whether you work within emergency services management, ATC, or process control, taking on the planning for a new control room project alongside your company role is often inconceivable. That’s why our experts at Knotty Ash Woodworking are here to take away the burden of control room furniture design and manufacture, with extensive experience in meeting the demands of a range of industry sectors. Here, we’ve written a handy guide to help you to begin your new or renovated control room project, before drafting in the help of our specialists.


Consider Your Requirements, Budget & Project Timeline

Prior to beginning your project, the needs of operators who will be directly using the control room should be considered. By determining the demands of personnel, your new control room furniture can be specifically crafted for 24/7 use. From height adjustability and monitor arms, to keyboard trays and central monitor screens, our control consoles can be crafted with your unique ergonomic requirements in mind. Additionally, take the time to consider the budget of your project, as well as your intended timelines.


Speak to the Control Room Furniture Experts

After establishing your requirements, speaking to our expert team is the next step to take. Taking into account your technology and equipment, ergonomic goals and desired additional features, we will strive to create a new control room fit out that lines up with your existing space and optimises your workflow. With our CAD design software, we can then create a 3D colour visualisation of your finished control room furniture, where you’ll be able to make any recommendations before the manufacturing process commences.


Contact Us

To begin your new ergonomic control room console project, simply contact our expert furniture crafters. Call us on 01799 531202, email [email protected] or enquire online today.

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