Our Top Reception Desk Design Ideas

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Put simply, the reception area of your company is where the all-important first impressions are made. A tired-looking, unprofessional reception area is not the impression you want to give off of your business – for this reason, more and more businesses are looking to invest in their areas by selecting bespoke reception desks that are as stylish as they are practical. Our custom reception desks here at Knotty combine impressive features with quality, natural materials, creating consoles that streamline your working practices and show off your brand to clients and customers.


With our wide range of reception desks to choose from, let’s explore some of the most popular design ideas:


Curved Reception Desks


Ideal for offices or salons with a large reception area, our curved reception desk designs are sophisticated and sleek looking, and are sure to impress any visitors. The curved design can be customised with glass tops and your business’ branding, to suit your needs.


Straight Reception Desks


Not only is a straight reception desk design traditional for reception areas, it can also easily be fitted into any space without issues. This makes these designs perfect for smaller businesses with perhaps one operative, providing maximum efficiency as well as looking sharp.


Circular Reception Desks


Enclosed on all sides, our circular reception desks provide an ideal solution for businesses where the desk is in the middle of a space, such as medical centres or schools. The design also offers barrier space between employees and guests, for privacy and security, in addition to providing working space for multiple team members.


Bespoke Reception Desk Packages


Working closely with interior designers and architects, our team at Knotty can create a custom reception desk that fulfils your brief completely, regardless of your chosen design. To enquire today about out reception desk design packages, speak to our experts on 01799 531202, email [email protected].

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