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From shopping centres and hospitals, to expansive entertainment venues and sports stadia, security control rooms are designed to keep people safe. Whether you are protecting the public, employees, or business stock, having the right security furniture for round the clock use is essential. For operatives working within both large security command centres, and smaller business premises, our team at Knotty deliver bespoke security furniture solutions that can be customised to suit your exacting requirements.

Engineered & Ergonomic Security Consoles

Our design experts provide ergonomic and well-engineered security furniture that is ideal for use within rigorous 24/7 environments. This begins with our control consoles, of which our Edge Control Desk is the latest innovation in the sector. Offering a stylish and futureproof solution that can easily be integrated with different technologies, the Edge has a range of additional features to select from. Electronic height adjustability ensures that multiple operatives can comfortably use the furniture, whilst optional under desk lighting can create a calming mood in your workspace.

Monitor Wall Systems

Having a clear view of all monitored areas is a key aspect of security control. Particularly imperative for control rooms with a network of cameras and alarmed zones, monitor screens should show multiple angles of your controlled zones, for effective monitoring. Our aluminium Pro Display monitor wall system is designed to hold a variety of LCD and plasma displays, with numerous configuration options and monitor size compatibility. We also offer a range of additional features for security command centres, including monitor arms, ergonomic chairs, and storage enclosures

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Our team of experts will listen to your requirements, look at your workflow and assess your space availability, before creating a security furniture solution that suits you. For more information, speak to Knotty today on 01799 531202, or email us at [email protected].

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