Bring Fun to Work with Gaming Tables

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While most businesses don’t prioritise fun in the workplace, happy employees are often more productive. Investing in a bespoke gaming table for your office isn’t just about entertainment, it’s a strategic move to boost morale, creativity, and communication in your workplace. Here at Knotty Ash Woodworking we can build custom games tables for your business to perfectly embody your workplace ethos and company brand.

Building Stronger Teams Through Play

Relaxing and having fun together with employees from across a company helps to dismantle hierarchies, encouraging open communication and friendships across departments and levels of seniority. This can translate to smoother collaboration, a livelier office atmosphere, and a more enthusiastic workforce. Gaming also helps to spark creativity which can be valuable in a range of workplace settings.

Customised Fun for Every Space

We understand ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work for office furniture. Our team of designers create bespoke gaming tables to your exact specifications, allowing you to fit gaming tables into a range of office environments. If you want to set the mood with LED lighting for casual evening gaming sessions, or need a table that seamlessly transforms into a boardroom table or individual desks, we will work with you throughout the design process to create a product that truly fits your needs, utilising high-tech CAD software to show you a virtual preview of your finished table within your office space.

The Gamification Advantage

Overall installing a gaming table provides a real-world solution to those employees wanting to bring fun into the workplace. From tech giants like Google and LinkedIn to sportswear titans like Nike, companies are increasingly embracing office games tables to boost productivity.

To find out more about our gaming tables, or any of our other bespoke control consoles and custom broadcast furniture, contact us today on 01799 531202 or email [email protected].

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