TV Studio Furniture

Our bespoke & modular TV studio desks are designed with a range of industry-leading features.

TV Studio Furniture

TV studio furniture plays a pivotal role in accommodating a mix of presenters, production staff, and guests – all of whom have different working requirements. Whether you need TV studio furniture for interviewing, mixing, live recording, voice overs, or for other purposes, our highly experienced team have the expertise and resources needed to manufacture bespoke furniture to your custom requirements. Our ergonomic TV studio desks can be designed with a range of innovative features, such as acoustic racks, voiceover tables, equipment bays, monitor shelves, height adjustability and more.

aura broadcast desk with chairs and monitors
aura broadcast desk rear view
aura broadcast desk front view

01. Project Design

Technical drawing of a bespoke control room desk

For over 30 years, Knotty Ash has been the go-to choice for custom TV studio furniture. We offer a curated selection of designs that can be easily adapted to your exact needs. No matter what your studio setup is, we have solutions to create the perfect fit and functionality.

02. Manufacturing Process

Photo of a bespoke desk being manufactured

Our team of experts create ergonomic workstations designed for peak performance. These sleek and practical consoles offer a variety of bespoke features, including height adjustability and discreet cable management, to optimise the workflow in your TV studio. 

03. Implementation

TV editing studio furniture

Our custom TV control room furniture is designed for effortless installation. Whether you need a single, unique console or a complete studio refresh, we ensure smooth delivery and expert setup. Our team works closely with your vision and specifications to guarantee a stress-free experience.

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