Security Furniture

Our security console furniture includes forward-thinking design and ergonomic technologies.

Security Furniture

Whatever the size, industry and security solutions of a business, the correct security furniture plays a key role in keeping employees and stock safe – as well as ensuring the continuation of business. Whether you work within airports with huge security control rooms, or small retail premises with a single camera, Knotty Ash can craft security furniture that is set up for your needs. Offering everything from our reliable Commander Desk Range to our Pro Display aluminium media walls, we combine forward-thinking design with innovative technology, to produce security console furniture that meets your requirements.

Customised Security Furniture Installations

Our security furniture design team can provide branding, matching colour schemes, unique shapes and a whole host of other features. Combining forward-thinking design with innovative technology, our designs can be seen in 3D colour visualisations which match the scale of their final placement.

Our tailor-made security consoles can fully integrate with your pre-existing security control room applications. Our security furniture is designed, manufactured and installed according to your specifications and undergoes high-spec quality control.

Security desk Features

Companies can choose a range of features for their security furniture including cable tidies, keyboard trays, raised monitor shelves, VTR trays, height adjustability and we can even supply speaker stands and chairs to accommodate the design.


01. Project Design

Technical drawing of a bespoke control room desk

With our 3 decades of experience in manufacturing bespoke control room desks and control consoles, we have a range of designs we can quickly and easily recreate and customise. With a wealth of experience working within the security industry, we work with clients to design bespoke control consoles which fit to each customers’ individual needs.

02. Manufacturing Process

Photo of a bespoke desk being manufactured

Our team of experts create custom control room furniture which can handle the demands of a busy security environment, while still offering an aesthetically pleasing solution. Throughout our manufacturing process we can include a range of features relevant in the security industry, from monitor arms for multiple displays to cable management trays.

03. Implementation

Photo of a security control room with multiple monitors showing CCTV

Our bespoke control room consoles are designed to be integrated into your security control room, fitting around any existing units. We can ensure safe and timely delivery and simple installation of your pieces, whether it’s a single new control console or refurbishing your entire office.

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