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Furniture isn’t just a necessity in the workplace, the quality and style effects how well employees work and reflects you as a business, so it’s important that you choose a custom console that inspires productivity. With our custom console service, our experienced team ensure that your furniture is exactly as you require.

Build for Success

Designing custom consoles that stand up to the job is about making sure that employees have space, comfort and organisation to carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities. Our expert craftsmen have years of experience in designing desks that deliver, for varying industries across the UK. Our custom build service draws on this experience and we ensure all clients will have their specific briefs met, whether that means including extra drawer space, adjustable monitor stands or additional cable tidies.

Brand Boost

Besides building custom consoles with purpose, our bespoke service gives our clients the opportunity to style their products to the surrounding of their business. Styling the colours, materials and aesthetics of the furniture allows for the opportunity to boost your brand, both to your employees and visitors to the workplace. Although it may seem novel, it actually acts as a valuable reputation building technique and creates cohesion of branding, creating a professional environment.

Try Before You Buy

When it comes to any bespoke service, it can be nerve-racking waiting to see how the finished product looks and if the brief has been met. At Knotty Ash we produce all of our custom consoles in 3D colour visualisations, so clients can see their prospective products before any building has taken place. This allows for final design changes and tweaks to colour schemes thus ensuring your custom-built furniture is everything you desire.

If you’re interested in our custom build service, contact the team today on 01799 531 202.

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