AURA Broadcast Desk

Our pioneering AURA broadcast desk is fully customisable for all media applications.

AURA Broadcast Desk

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our AURA Broadcast Desk is the latest innovation in ergonomic broadcast furniture. Available in either light or dark edition, the modular AURA is built with durable Bio Carbon neutral finishes, and is fully customisable to suit all types of broadcast environments.

Take a look below at just some of the innovative features of the AURA:


01. Project Design

Technical drawing of a bespoke control room desk

Crafted in the UK, the AURA Broadcast Desk represents the cutting edge of ergonomic furniture for broadcasters. We have 30 years experience manufacturing bespoke broadcasting furniture, and have multiple designs, including the AURA Broadcast Desk which we can swiftly recreate and customise, working with our clients to create control consoles which fit to their exact needs. 

02. Manufacturing Process

Photo of a bespoke desk being manufactured 2

Our team of experts creates visually appealing and functional units, incorporating features like height adjustability and cable management to ensure both comfort and efficiency for workplaces across the UK. This includes our ground breaking AURA Broadcast Desk. 

03. Implementation

Image of aura broadcast desk

The AURA Broadcast desk offers a user friendly installation process, ensuring a smooth transition for your broadcast setup. Whether you need a single desk or custom workstations for your entire studio, our team prioritises safe and straightforward delivery, meticulously aligning the installation with your vision and specifications. 

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