Oil, Gas & Process Control Furniture

Meet your exact technical specifications with our bespoke oil, gas & process control consoles.

Oil, Gas & Process Control Furniture

Here at Knotty Ash, we understand that every industry has specific needs when it comes to furniture, and the oil, gas & process control sector is no exception. From power distribution centres, to offshore oil rigs, each control room in this industry demands furniture that will meet a range of technical specifications. Whatever your control room’s function, our team are experts at building consoles to suit your unique technological and aesthetic requirements. Our oil, gas & process control furniture can be created with a host of additional features, including raised monitor shelves, cable tidies, keyboard trays, height adjustability, and more.


01. Project Design

Technical drawing of a bespoke control room desk

With 30 years of experience in producing custom made control room desks and control consoles, we have a wealth of experience working with companies in the oil, gas and process industries. Producing units for power distribution centres, and offshore oil rigs, we have multiple designs we can easily recreate and customise. We understand the requirements and demands of these workplaces and work with clients to design state of the art unit which fit their specific needs. 

02. Manufacturing Process

Photo of a bespoke desk being manufactured

Our team of manufacturing experts can provide custom control room consoles for clients across the UK. Our oil, gas & process control furniture can be made to include a range of additional ergonomic features, such as monitor arms for multiple displays, and desk height adjustment. This creates practical units which are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

03. Implementation

Photograph of a control room desk and monitors

Premises in this industry can be unique, this is why our control room consoles are designed with your location in mind. We can ensure safe and timely delivery, alongside simple installation, regardless of whether its for a single standalone control console, or refurbishing an entire office with new, bespoke furniture.

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