Expertly designed durable control room consoles for 24/7 operations.

Control Room Furniture & Control Consoles

The 24/7 operation of control rooms means that furniture for these environments should be technically designed to suit. Our control room furniture is designed and manufactured by our expert team, to meet the needs of industries such as air traffic control, security, emergency services management, and oil, gas & process control. Whether you require our modular Edge Control Desks, or our Pro Display Monitor Wall systems, all of our control room furniture can be customised to meet your requirements and optimise your processes.

Control Room Console Features & Extras

Our control room consoles integrate with specialised workspaces, offering raised monitor arms, shelves, and keyboard trays for efficient multi-monitor setups. The Pro Display Monitor Wall systems cater to environments requiring central monitor walls with configurable flat or curved formations.

Our consoles include built in charging ports, height adjustability, and LED lights, to combine form and function. Our team uses advanced CAD design software to ensure the final product aligns with your workflow and needs.

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01. Project Design

Technical drawing of a bespoke control room desk

At Knotty Ash, we have been manufacturing bespoke control room desks and control consoles for over 30 years. Over this time, we have developed a range of designs which we can swiftly recreate and customise, working with our clients to create control consoles which fit to their exact needs. Suitable for a range of industries including security, aviation, and oil, gas & process.

02. Manufacturing Process

Photo of a bespoke desk being manufactured 2

Our team of experts produce state of the art, customised units to meet the requirements of clients across the UK. Our control room consoles are both aesthetically pleasing and practical and can include a range of bespoke features, including height adjustment and cable management.

03. Implementation

Photo of a large control room desk system with multiple monitors

All of our bespoke control room desks are easy to install. Whether it’s a one off bespoke control console, or an entire office of new custom furniture, we ensure safe and straight forward delivery. We manage the installation of our control room furniture in line with the vision and specification of each client, for ease and peace of mind.




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