The Beauty of Broadcast Desks

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Working in broadcast there are a number of roles that all work in harmony towards a common goal, but with such a varying array of practices, it’s important to style broadcast desks around the needs of those specific jobs. While radio producers require smaller more enclosed workspaces with everything in close reach, television production often requires large numbers of people to be paced out in a gallery or edit suite. We’ve compiled some of our products to discuss which broadcast desk is suited to each role.

Media Edit Desks

Available in a range of sizes our media edit desk installations can cater for single self-editing journalists, through to large teams of movie editors, thanks to their varying sizes and configurations. All feature raised monitor shelves freeing up desk space for recording equipment and note taking, or storage of hardware to aid in the editing process. Our media edit desk range is available with a variety of additional extras including height adjustable speaker stands, universal VTR trays and monitor arms.

On-air Radio Desk

As radio relies on quick and seamless live editing, guest inclusion and close proximity to recording equipment typically broadcast desks for this field are smaller. Our radio studio on-air desks come with 2 standard sizes; the C system is a smaller one-person desk suitable for music shows and podcast, and the M system is a larger one that can seat 2 people either side which is ideal for interviews. With customisable colours and configurations, either system is suited to a wide variety of radio stations and can be tailored to fit in with existing furniture.

For more information about our broadcast desks or to find the right one for you call our team on 01799 531 202 to discuss.

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