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Answer life’s big questions. From medical labs testing blood for illnesses right through to innovative scientists looking for the beginnings of time through carbon dating, the laboratory using industries span far and wide and laboratory desks need to accommodate for a large number of disciplines. At Knotty Ash, we create laboratory desks that can meet and exceed the demands of the role by providing easy use, a range of features and comfort.

Future Proof

With laboratories being where the most forward-thinking and innovative ideas are tested, the laboratory desks that support the employees should be as progressive. The laboratory desks we manufacture come with electronic height adjustability as standard, allowing for different employees to make the space as comfortable as possible. This can be particularly useful when looking down microscopes and the table can be easily adjusted to suit smaller or taller staff members, without the needs for setting up the microscope elsewhere.

Charged Up

Whether a lab technician or an admin assistant, lab staff need access to electronic devices within easy reach. With up to 8 gang power supply fitted to our laboratory desks, employees need never be far away for their electronics, making streamlining work such as analysing samples and recording the data from them, much more straightforward. Being able to quickly access a laptop or computer for example, could drastically reduce the margin of error when entering data, which is of utmost importance where scientific research is concerned.

Clean and Tidy

A cluttered workspace is distracting for any employee, but focus is an absolute necessity in a lab environment. Knotty Ash creates laboratory desks that aim to reduce distractions and keep worktops spacious and functional by employing a cable trough and a 1400mmx 800mm worktop. With ample space for even large pieces of equipment and no wires getting in the way of productivity, they are primed for nurturing focus and determination.

Height Adjustable Laboratory Desk

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