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It takes just seven seconds to create a first impression and as a business making the right one is key to upholding a flawless reputation. Having a welcoming and hospitable reception area in your office will ensure that your reliability and credibility will ensure that your customers and guests are given the right impression, from the minute they walk through the door. Fail to achieve this and there may be negative consequences, such as a client using a competitor instead or bad word of mouth reviews spreading throughout your audience! Our tips on rejuvenating your reception furniture can help you carve out the best kind of impression.


Subconscious Influence

When it comes to creating a first impression, there are many subtle factors that a guest considers, without them even realising. Lighting, the layout and colours schemes all impact how a person is feeling so it’s important that you consider them when designing your reception furniture. It’s best to utilise company colours and employ a desk that is suitable for the space you have available so that the room doesn’t look too cluttered and the brand is reinforced from the moment somebody steps through the door.


Consider Your Staff

While guests may come and go, reception furniture impacts the daily lives of your front of house staff who will spend upwards of 30 hours a week, welcoming guests and directing calls from it. Your staff form as much as the first impression as your reception furniture, so it’s vital that they are happy with their quarters as happy staff are more likely to give a warmer welcome to your guests, helping to solidify that all-important good impression. Ensure that there is ample space for them to have their computers, phones and stationery near to hand, as well as storage and cable tidies to prevent any mess that could be distracting.

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