What Are the Benefits of Wood Veneer?

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We use wood veneer to form all of our boardroom furniture installations because of its distinction and high standard when compared to wood laminate. This material can be used to create impressive and long-lasting furniture items for businesses and can be formed from a range of woods including maple and mahogany. There are many benefits of using wood veneer for boardroom furniture including value, availability and stability.


While mahogany and maple are luxurious and exotic woods, they are rare and there is a growing shortage which drives the prices up. In solid wood form, boardroom furniture made from these species of tree would be unaffordable. However, as wood veneer is made from finely sliced pieces of the log which are bonded together, less material is needed to create the finished product. This gives businesses the opportunity to have unique furniture in desirable woods but in a more affordable way.


With the growing demand for exotics hardwoods, finding solid wood furniture that is suitable in size for boardroom furniture is becoming more difficult. Wood veneer offers a more sustainable method for making larger and bespoke pieces of furniture, helping to reduce deforestation and offering more businesses the opportunity to furnish their spaces with exotic wood.


Many species of wood are unstable in solid wood form as they are prone to splitting and warping over time. Hardwoods used in wood veneer boardroom furniture can be sliced and layered with an adhesive which helps give a smooth finish and prevent movement of the wood. This prevents splitting and warping and provides a smooth and durable finish that can last for decades with the right care.

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