Break Tradition with Custom Console Ideas

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Every business wants to stand out from the crowd and have a bit of an edge to make them more memorable, appealing and dynamic and a custom console is a great way to forge this mindset from a grassroots level. By creating desks that are unique to the business, centred around relevant branding and that stand out from traditional installations, companies can create an environment that nurtures uniqueness. Not only will your employees benefit from custom consoles, but so too will any clients, shareholders and customers to your premises so businesses should ensure the design is reflective of the message they want to send out.


Style Your Shapes

When styling a custom console, the first element to consider is the shape. While many people are used to working at rectangular desks, there are a vast number of shapes that work for different businesses. One thing’s for sure, if you opt for a shape like a triangle, angular unit or even something totally out of the box like a hexagon, it’s bound to catch some eyes and turn some heads! Our master craftsmen can not only ensure that your shape stands out but can ensure that each station has a range of features making it practical too.


Be Brave with Shades

While most workplaces utilise greyscale colours, when designing custom consoles companies have the freedom to break from tradition and go bold. Our installations are available in a variety of colours from calming pastels through to punchy primary shades, there is a hue to suit every workplace dynamic. Keep in mind the psychology of colours too, with much research indicating that green suggests honesty, blue reliability and yellow creativity, companies should assess how their colour scheme is likely to influence the workforce and any visitors to the premises.

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