Staying Secure with Security Furniture

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Most businesses rely on some sort of security to keep their assets and workforce safe, whether it’s a couple of security cameras or a whole network of surveillance. Regardless of how many eyes on the ground there are, security furniture is a must and ensuring it is adequate for the businesses needs is vital to ensuring nothing slips by unnoticed. Knotty Ash’s team of experts can develop a bespoke installation, tailored to a business unique requirement. From wall monitor display systems to curved desks for the 360-degree screen, there’s something to suit every operation.

Wall Monitoring

For large corporations with lots of entrances and exits to the project, or retail businesses with shoplifters to be aware of, multiple cameras and even security staff to monitor them round the clock are very necessary. While CCTV on its own can help to capture evidence, it’s the staff monitoring them who can stop crime before it happens by staying vigilant and constantly looking at the incoming stream of footage. Lots of cameras equal lots of feeds, so having all of these visibly presented in an orderly and easy to see manner is key to spotting anything awry and our wall-mounted TV system can be built to hold as many screens as necessary.

Displaying Desks

Many companies employ full-time security staff members whose role is to sit at a desk and monitor incoming feeds, whether it is an air traffic controller or a nightguard. When relying on people to protect a company, optimising for their comfort and wellbeing is key to ensuring they get the job done. Our master security furniture craftsmen can build a bespoke desk that allows for height adjustability, raised monitor shelves and curved workstations to create a working environment prised for vigilance, so nothing slips through the net.

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