The Dos and Don’ts of Salon Reception Desks

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By its very nature, the hair and beauty industry is all about appearance and so having a good looking salon reception desk where guests can check-in, make appointments and pay for services is a top priority. This staple piece of furniture can make or break the overall aesthetic of a salon and is largely influential over the general appeal of the salon. Our expert designers have put together some tips for styling a salon reception desk, unique to your workplace.



Think of the clientele – If you’re looking to attract a certain sort of client, then your salon reception desk should reflect that. If it’s young, cosmopolitan women you’re looking to entice, then sharp edges and modern greyscale are bang on trend, whereas if you’re looking to be a gentlemen’s barber, dark wooden features and classic accessories might be better.

Stick with a theme – If you’ve already got a strong theme running throughout the salon, ensuring your salon reception desk is cohesive will help marry everything together, in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Be creative – Although sticking with your theme is advisable, sometimes an out of the box salon reception desk can be just as appealing. If the salon is mostly white, then why not be bold and go for a desk that is blue, red, yellow or any bright shade?



Clutter the space – Salons that aren’t open plan should be wary of installing a desk that is too large, as it can make the space look cluttered and untidy. Be realistic about just how big the furniture needs to be, go too big or too small and it could upset the entire workplace dynamic.


Look Dated – Vintage is charming when used properly but try and ensure that your salon reception desk is reasonably modern as to not look dated. Keep up to date with the current trends and try and come up with a design that will remain in style for years to come.

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