Why Quality Matters When It Comes to Boardroom Furniture

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In spite of the influx of new furniture trends, new materials and production methods, high quality traditional wooden furniture is still the most popular choice for a professional setting. When choosing boardroom furniture, quality should be one of the key considerations. Good quality installations help businesses to secure a valuable and long-term investment and where good materials are used, overall design and functionality tend to be superior.


Advantages of Quality Wooden Furniture

When redesigning or updating the working environment, boardroom furniture plays a major role in a spaces overall appeal and is a direct reflection of a company. Although boardroom furniture can often be expensive, cheap imitation wooden furniture doesn’t last as long and does not provide good value as a result. Particleboard or laminate boardroom tables are lightweight, less durable and much less resilient than the authentic versions and will be cheaper in price tag, but this cheapness is also reflected in the appearance and will lack the impressive luxury that sets high-quality pieces apart.


Checking for Quality

Not all wood is created equal and it’s worth checking the quality of the material before purchasing. Good quality wooden boardroom furniture should be thick, heavy and not easily scuffed. Great furniture doesn’t have to be 100% wood, materials such as wood veneer, which bonds small pieces together, have all of the desirable properties of real wood but offers a more lightweight solution and produces much less waste during manufacturing. Of course, with any quality wooden furniture, the materials should be sourced from a sustainable forest and be in line with FSC certifications.


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