Bespoke Counters for Corporate Settings

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In the corporate world, business is done in a certain way and a level of professionalism is expected both from staff and from the business premises. First impressions mean a lot in this industry and with bids to win, stakeholders to impress and deals to be made, corporations can not afford to make a bad one. Part of upholding these professional standards means ensuring cohesiveness throughout the company and tailoring a brand image that is strong.

Branding the Business

Pens, letterheads and computer screen backgrounds are all commonly emblazoned with the company logo, slogan and colours as to reflect the brand to those that work within or communicate with the business. Installing bespoke counters with the same level of branding can help to boost the businesses image and professionalism with employees and anyone who may be visiting the premises. Having a reception desk where visitors can immediately see the logo and sign in, creates a strong first impression from the second somebody steps inside and helps to reaffirm the company’s values.

Boosting Morale

Having bespoke counters throughout the office building can boost the morale of the staff and influence them to act more professionally too. Research suggests that employees are likely to work harder and conduct themselves more professionally, when they are surrounded by reinforcement such as a branded goods, codes of behaviour and even a uniform. While not every business can utilise the latter, a bespoke counter is an easy installation for any business to make use of.

Strategically placed in a visible area such as a staff room or in a hub of ideas such as the boardroom, these desks can subliminally encourage workers to go above and beyond within their roles.

For more information or to enquire about bespoke counters for your business, call us on 01799 531 202.

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