Modern Boardroom Furniture Trends

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Aside from being the place where important meetings take place, the boardroom in an office can be suitable for many purposes, from health and safety briefings and morning meetings through to disciplinary hearings and appraisal sessions. The versatile nature of the room should be matched by the boardroom furniture, which should allow for quick and easy set up of any action or activity that is taking place in there. On the flip side, it should still remain professional and set a good impression to anyone who comes into it and the best boardroom furniture trends strike a balance between these features.

Configurable Desk Installations

Boardroom tables should allow for all participants to easily see what is going on at both ends of the table, to allow for free and easy discussion between members of the workforce. However, if a hands-on training programme was to take place, such as a first aid course, the furniture would need to be easily reconfigured for demonstrations and practical practice. Modern environments should employ a desk system that is easily reconfigured to allow for repurposing of the room and allow for easy storage. Adding wheels to the table legs will allow for easy manoeuvring, while extendable desks are great for accommodating larger groups.

Control Features

It’s important that as part of the potential reconfigurations of a boardroom, that the furniture be adaptable in its features. Boardroom furniture is best when it comes with a range of features that allows employees and visitors to have control over the space, such as amble cable tidies or places to plug in electronics. With Knotty Ash Woodworking, bespoke boardroom tables can be built with a number of useful add-ons such as speaker stands, raised monitor shelves, a platform for a projector or even height adjustability.

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