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Comfort in the workplace is not something that typically gets a lot of discussion, but it is integral to how well certain employees can carry out their job. Sitting at a desk, discomfort can be an extreme cause of distraction, removing employee focus from the task at hand and leading to fidgeting and loss of concentration. In the security industry, this can be particularly problematic, with surveillance required at all times, businesses could suffer a great loss or damage if the staff’s eye is taken off the ball. We have put together a definitive guide to styling security desks for optimum comfort.

Monitor Height

One of the key things to consider is the height of the monitors that the staff will be surveying every day. Whether these are at a desk or hung on a wall, they must be visible without having to strain the eyes or kink the neck to see them. Over time, staff that hunch or strain their backs and necks will have decreased productivity as they will pick up small injuries and pains in these areas that prevent their full focus from being on the screens. For optimum comfort, ensure that the screen is at eye-line, either by using monitor shelves our mounting on a wall rack.

Ergonomic Setup

Security desks should be laid out in a way that allows the staff to spread out comfortably while still maintain their full field of vision. If there are multiple screens that require monitoring, these should be laid out in a way that accommodates comfort, such as in a horseshoe shape, allowing staff to manoeuvre between screens without having to get up. There should also be enough surface on the desk so that the keyboards or surveillance control fit comfortably, with the staffs’ elbows being at their side and their forearms rested on the desks.

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