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Working remotely has always been part of the role of a broadcaster and where radio is concerned, telephone interviews were long the norm even before the pandemic. This isn’t to say that the Corona Virus crisis hasn’t had it’s impact on the work lives of those in the industry, with many of us now confined to our homes and having to rely on new ways of communicating with teams, staff members and visitors. It’s important to emulate a professional working environment even when at home, so how can you style broadcast radio furniture to inspire productivity at home?

Location in The Home

In an industry where audio is king, it’s important to maintain high-quality recording audio even when at home. Minimising background noise is absolutely key which may be challenging if there are other people working from home or even children in the house. When choosing where to record audio or position a broadcast radio desk opt for the quietest room in the house that is as distant from noise sources as possible. Make sure that appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and heating systems are off or dormant during the recording period, and make known to other members of the household when you plan to record so that they can keep their noise to a minimum for this period.

Be Equipped

Part of any on-air role is learning how to adapt quickly and overcome challenging situations and having the right equipment to do so is vital. Relying on an internet connection for broadcast, recording equipment for capturing audio and phone lines for interviews means that the if technology fails at any point, the segment could come crashing down, so be prepared for these eventualities will help to minimise downtime should something occur. Have a backup microphone, a spare set of headphones, wire in your internet as oppose to using WiFi and try to minimise disruption in any way possible.

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