Bespoke Boardroom Table Ideas

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With offices across the country in limbo, it might seem odd to discuss the furniture, but it’s never too early to get a head start on bespoke boardroom table ideas. Whether a business seeks a desk that meets your workplaces demands more efficiently or just needs an injection of style to brighten up the boardroom, our custom console manufacturers have some tips on starting the design process.


Think Size

Boardrooms are often large and expansive spaces that require enormous desks to properly fill them but filling the entire room with furniture might not always be the most practical solution. If the room needs to used for conferences and meetings, then a table is going to be necessary, but if the boardroom also needs to be able to host large gathering of people for presentations and such, then it might be best to be able to move furniture out and make space for rows of chairs instead. Before coming up with a design, decide how large the table needs to be to meet all of your needs, or if it needs to be easily manoeuvrable and easy to store out of the way.


Settle on a Colour Pallet

Whether opting for company colours or going outside of the status quo, it is important that the bespoke boardroom table colour pallet matches that of the rest of the room. This isn’t to say that it needs to be the same colour as the carpets or wallpaper and in fact, could be a totally opposing colour on a colour wheel. When designing the desk, it isn’t necessary to stick with just one solid colour as Knotty Ash Woodworking can create furniture that utilises multiple colours across their features. This could include a solid colour base with colourful equipment bays, or just different colour side panel.

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