Security Desks and the Pandemic

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Not so long ago the term ‘security desk’ meant the table that security staff sit at and monitor feeds from CCTV and keep the business safe. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic though, the term security has taken on a much broader meaning and can now encompass other roles. With the creation of Corona Security Officers and the introduction of more security staff in places that previously didn’t have them, security desks are more important than ever in protecting staff, customers and clients.


Reception Area Security Desks

One of the key areas of business that can benefit from security desks, is the reception areas of large business or companies that are contained in a block. With many people coming and going all day and having to sign in, it’s important that reception staff are protected from the possible spread of the virus and are safely contained behind a desk with the relevant precautions such as screens fixed in place. Knotty Ash Woodworking are adept at creating bank teller style screens which create a sectioned off area specifically for reception staff, keeping them safe from risks including theft and virus spread.


New Roles

With most places limiting capacities, many of them will have had to hire or create a role for someone to monitor the flow of people into and out of the building, meaning they require a work space in which to carry out their duties. However companies choose to employ this, either with staff physically at entrance points, or with remote CCTV feeds, these staff require a security desk to house the tools they need from computers and input feeds, to track and trace sign in systems. These desks can be kitted out to suite behind the scenes operations, focussing only on the proper storage of equipment, or as with reception desks, can be fitted with screens.

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