New Bespoke Counters for 2021

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The turn of the new year is always a time for reflection and resolution and if you’re looking for a way to refresh the office aesthetic, boost team morale or just shake things up at work then a bespoke counter can help. Knotty Ash Woodworking have been designing bespoke counters for over 30 years and have crafted thousands of desks for retail, office, hospitality and industrial clients, so there’s no style we’ve not covered!


Refresh the Office

January can be a drab month with the post Xmas blues hanging around, arriving and leaving work in the dark and morale low throughout the workforce. Making the environment more aesthetically pleasing can create a better working environment for staff and can raise both the look and feel of a space. Whether you opt for a new statement piece in a boardroom or just want to treat staff to fresher, cleaner and more modern desks, our bespoke counters service can help you improve working conditions.


Boost Morale

Investing in your staff is key to keeping them happy and working well and bespoke counters can help you to show your appreciation. Not only is a new desk a thing of office excitement but it displays to employees that you’re willing to go above and beyond to meet their needs and ensure that they have a comfortable working experience. This is likely to boost their morale and help them feel more appreciated, which can push them to work harder, be more creative and increase their output.


Change is Good for Business

If you’re a forward-facing business that accepts clients and customers through the door, then refurbishing the office won’t go unnoticed by these key people. Just as new bespoke counters can show the staff you’re invested, they can exhibit this to clients and stakeholders too, again solidifying a reputation of professionalism amongst them.

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