How To Make Reception Furniture Safer

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Although at present many businesses are working mostly remotely and reception areas of business premises are lying in wait, there will come a time when the staff are back greeting guests and permitting entry into the building. When the time comes, companies will have a duty of care to these employees and need to make their environment as safe as possible and protect those working there from coronavirus. While social distancing is set to remain in place for some time, there are many ways you can make reception furniture safer.


Protective Screens

We’ve all seen these installed at supermarkets and public facing premises over the last year and protective screens can help to limit the spread of the virus via water droplets both to and from your receptions staff. By acting as a barrier between people and creating a ‘bubble’ for staff, these screens have been shown to drastically reduce transmission and should be installed in high traffic areas. You can get screens which simply attach to existing desks and can be removed when not in use, or you can commission Knotty Ash to create reception furniture that has screens fixed in place, offering fewer gaps and a greater level of protection.


Go Digital

Where previously people may have used a pen and paper to sign in, register their car in the car park or just complete basic admin at the reception area, going digital can help to limit the spread of germs. Using tablets on the outer side of the desk that are then connected to another device on the inside means that your staff are less likely to catch something transmitted via touch as there is no pen and paper being passed backwards and forwards. What’s more is that digital screens are easier to sanitise than paper and when sat at the desk all day and coming into contact with many hands, this is something that should be carried out regularly.

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