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Some business owners are put off the idea of installing custom consoles at their workplace fearing that they won’t fit with their aesthetic, will be too expensive or just because they don’t know where to start with the design process. All of the former statements are easily challenged when choosing a custom desk from Knotty Ash Woodworking though as we make the process simple, budget friendly and can create 3D colour visualisations of all briefs, so the finished product can be seen and amended before the build begins. Whatever your industry, custom desks can play a key role in the functionality, productivity and aesthetics of your company.



Custom consoles come in many forms suitable for the corporate world from boardroom tables to reception desks. The boardroom is part of a company where the decision are made and ideas are conceived and a custom desk with the company logo and colours forming part of the design can help to boost the professionalism of this environment. In the same way, a reception desk that is designed to portray the business values can create a great first impression with guests, stakeholders and other important personnel who visit the building.



Those who are in retail, hospitality or other commercial environments can use custom desks as part of their workplace set up or as a bold and daring design feature. Salon reception desks can be installed with lighting, company logos and lightboxes or coat check areas in restaurants can be customised with screens, equipment bays and hooks. Whatever the environment, our custom console team can make sure that the desk meets and exceeds the needs of the company!



Factories and warehouses are notoriously grey places with strict rules and regulations to follow for everyone’s safety, but they can still make use of custom desks. In the break room, these desks can be style to be bright and colourful providing workers with a nice area to enjoy their lunch, catch up with colleagues and take some time out.

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