Do I Need an Edit Desk?

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With technology ever-evolving and more and more job roles being created every day, keeping up with changing workplace demands can be tricky. As more and more companies turn ‘digital’ either by offering online services, incorporating roles for social media in-house or just producing recruitment content in house, more and more businesses have a use for edit desks. We’ve put together a list of roles that could benefit from an edit desk, even where equipment is minimal.


Social Media Content Creators

Social media content creators have the responsibility of portraying businesses online and with over 1 billion people using these networks every day, the content has to be eye-catching! Whether it’s designing interesting infographics or editing videos for professional platforms, content creators often have to use specialist equipment such as recording kit, colour graders or drawing pads. All of this equipment can be neatly stored away into equipment bays which create a tidy workspace that is geared up for productivity, with everything these tea members need integrated into their workstations.


Video Editors

Video is becoming more and more popular as a tool for business, used to inform, educate or even just entertain staff. From staff awards and recruitment videos, through to health and safety rules or new workplace procedures, videos are used for all manner of purposes by companies across the world to engage staff. The people responsible for making these videos, at the very least require computers, camera equipment and microphones, with more professional setups including lighting, colour graders and specialist mixers. Anyone with such equipment can benefit from an edit desk to keep things orderly and set them up for success.


Edit desks can come in many forms and are not just for broadcasters. If you are not sure whether your organisation could benefit from an edit desk, visit our range online or call our team to discuss your requirements today.

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