Why have Custom Desks at Work

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When it comes to the workplace, it’s easy to overlook the aesthetics of furniture and the necessary tools of the trade, but a well put together office that is neat, tidy and professional can have untold benefits both internally and externally. Custom desks are one of the best ways that a business can make a stand, project their values and improve their brands image without even really having to do anything. Designing a custom desk with Knotty Ash Woodworking just involved a discussion, an outline of a brief and then we will do the rest!


Cohesion = Memorability

Custom desks can help a business be more memorable by forming part of a cohesive brand image. If you think about the places that you remember, be it a restaurant, bar or theatre, the most memorable amongst them have a strong brand image or aesthetic, which elicits certain emotions once you’re there. This can be applied in many commercial settings and can be used to influence staff and to help visitors such as important stakeholders or investors, form a strong positive opinion about the business, by making them recognise the effort that has gone into the workplace.


Stand Out

On the flip side, custom desks can be totally stand out compared to the rest of an aesthetic and be totally unique. Just as in the same way this can make a premises more memorable, so too can a standout piece of furniture. By moving away from the usual styles and designs, businesses can make an impact and present themselves as being a company that doesn’t play by the rules and isn’t afraid of making bold moves and taking risks, which can be beneficial in certain trades.


Express Yourself

Everything in business can be taken a little too seriously but there really is no harm in having some fun. A custom desk provides business owners with an opportunity to express their personalities or business values or just to create something fantastic on the eye which brings them joy around the workplace.


If you are interested in custom desks or starting the design process, contact us today on 01799 531 202.

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