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Our in-house design specialists have spent almost three decades perfecting the art of technical furniture and that can only be good news for you. If you are searching for a media desk that meets your specific requirements you have plenty of media desks to choose from as we have designed a range to ensure your needs are met. Plus, we are passionate about personalisation so specific requests are taken by our in-house designers and transformed into high-impact furniture. Let us give you a brief overview of the sheer variety you have to choose from. If any of the desks pique your interest, we have devoted individual pages to help you decide which desk is right for you.


When we say we have a variety of media desks to choose from, we really mean it. Our mission to make the best technical furniture you can find has been achieved when you survey the selection we have for you, from the entry-level STREAM desk system to the Media Edit GRAND desk system: a large Media Edit Desk suitable for Graphics, Control Rooms etc, and the media desks in between.


The Media Edit ADURO desk system is another large media edit desk, and it comes with a professional modular system to make it suitable for post-production and graphics application. Every single one of our media desks came with main features that will excite you, as well as options so you can choose whether you want your pedestals on the left or right hand-side, which timber finish you desire, and more. One of the key things to remember about us at Knotty Ash is that bespoke furniture is something we pride ourselves on.


The Media Edit desk system we have available is designed to be suitable for post-production and graphics areas, as well as others because it is a professional modular desk system with a variety of options for personalisation.


If you would like to know any more about our media desks, your customisation options or simply want to use our services, please contact a member of our team as we are always happy to help.

Media Edit Grand with 13u Side Pedestals

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