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The pandemic has changed the way we think about our workspace. Adaptations have always occurred in tandem with technological change and societal shifts but now this progression has been propelled even further forwards by the pandemic. Not only should your boardroom table represent your brand image, but it should facilitate meetings between your team and external visitors while portraying a commitment to sustainability and retaining the lessons we have learned from social distancing. While legal restrictions are now confined to the past, the health of your workers has come into renewed consideration as the threat of the virus has not been completely eliminated and the risk of staff sickness is greater when everybody is in the office simultaneously.

Fortunately, we create bespoke boardroom furniture designed specifically to adhere to your brand and business needs.


3D Visualisations

Always keen to utilise the benefits of modern-day technology, our team present designs as 3D visualisations so you can interject with any alterations you may have before the building process commences. If you are returning to a full-time presence of staff for the first time since homeworking was legally entrenched or simply want to incorporate room for dividers and other covid-conscious measures, this tech-savvy presentation will allow you to modify your custom boardroom table to fit your requirements.


Multi-Faceted Designs

While the twentieth century perception of a boardroom table would portray it as a simple piece of furniture, modern working has to accommodate a range of technical equipment, accurately represent your corporate identity, and show you adherence to building a greener future. Our craftsmen have over 27 years of experience in building custom furniture according to a design created specifically for your business, based on your brief. We give you a plethora of choice in terms of colours to match your branding, material to suit your operations and branding to represent your business to guests.


Sustainable Furniture

To adhere to the aims within any given corporate social responsibility policy, companies are rightfully choosing furniture that has been made using sustainably and ethically sourced material. As a company with a similarly green ethos, our craftsmen make all our custom boardroom tables with sustainably sourced wood to protect the planet and your corporate identity in one bespoke project.

Contact our team today for further information on all our office and boardroom furniture solutions.

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