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We have been specialists in creating custom furniture for over 27 years. Our craftsmen are talented enough to design and manufacture furniture for a number of industries and create furniture from every brief with key features especially suited to the industry. An area we have particular experience with pertains to creating custom broadcast furniture that offers complete solutions for all broadcast and radio studio installations.


Our reputation has been solidified over our years of dedicated expert service and our name has expanded from our Essex-base to reach all over the UK at different levels of notoriety. Capital FM, Radio X and LBC are just a few names you might recognise from our lengthy and satisfied client list. Other radio studios already trust us to create custom broadcast furniture, so why be the only one left out? Once your brief has been decided, our in-house team are able to show you a 3D colour visualisation and space plan drawing of what the final product will look like so you can be 100% certain the design will be how you envisioned it fitting into your work environment.


Certain projects carry a unique set of requirements so our team of experts will collaborate with you to create totally new, bespoke custom broadcast furniture. We can also offer our cost-effective Digi Pro or height adjustable Digi Edit style desk systems that have been designed especially for use in the 24/7, fast-paced broadcasting environment.


We have always been forward-thinking and innovative in our practices. Especially in light of recent initiatives and ongoing scientific discovery, we employ green ways of working that include one of the most fundamental things a woodworking company must get right: using consciously sourced materials. To have sustainably sourced furniture in your broadcasting studio reflects well upon you in the modern climate, and in time it will be a necessity.


Contact us to learn more about our promise to you regarding custom broadcast furniture or any of the other multi-faceted services we are proud to offer.

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