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Security is perhaps one of the most important areas where specific custom furniture can help your staff to perform their duties to the best of their ability. Security desks are a hub of activity where focus is paramount to protecting people, goods and businesses as a whole. By hiring us to design and manufacture high-functioning security desks and associated furniture features, you empower your employees to carry out their integral work to the best of their ability.


Our trained and experience in-house design team work according to your brief to create security desks that suit the specific purpose your environment demands. They are also able to show you a 3D colour visualisation of the end result prior to its creation and will collaborate with you on incorporating any extra features you might require. Despite our unique features, our team also know how to co-ordinate their creations with your already existing security control room applications for maximum ease of use and aesthetic cohesion.


Key range of features:

· Height adjustability

· Security furniture including cable tidies

· Keyboard trays

· VTR trays

· Raised monitor shelves

& More.


We really can offer you an array of choice that other businesses are already using to empower their security offices. Peruse our Commander Desk Range or Pro Display aluminium media walls for purpose-built and especially designed security furniture that has been made by our highly qualified team using sustainably sourced materials.


We are a business committed to forestry management, so we use consciously sourced materials and ensure we are working in accordance with ‘green’ recommendations wherever possible.


Contact us today to learn more about how our security desks can be designed and adapted to suit your business operations.

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