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The reception area is the first impression all types of visitors have of your building and business. It is also a workspace that often has multiple people interacting with it at once and several different functionalities. No two reception areas are identical, and you deserve a custom reception desk built specifically to suit your business and building. Let our expertise at Knotty Ash guide the way.


Our team have honed their years of expertise to offer a comprehensive reception desk design package. We are proud to say we are approved Corian fabricators at Knotty Ash and if you request it, glass, metal and stonework can be incorporated into designs. The fuller service we offer reflects our commitment to creating bespoke furniture specific to the client, in full accordance with their brief. Precise material ideas are taken into consideration, and we use state-of-the-art technology in our in-house manufacturing process.


While we have the skills and capabilities to utilise modern technological advancement, our team also employs the use of sturdy, aesthetically pleasing traditional materials. To intertwine the practical purposes of which your custom reception desk will be used with a flawless appearance that accurately reflects your brand image, we collaborate with architects and interior designers for an expert touch.


One of the reasons so many other businesses already choose us to design, manufacture and install their custom reception desks is because of our reputation for creating bespoke furniture that blends functionality with aesthetics. We also listen to our clients and work in accordance with the brief and have done so for over 27 years.


In that time, we have also been proud purveyors of environmentally friendly practices so our clients can be rest assured their reception desk has been made using consciously sourced materials in the greenest way possible.


For more information or to request our services, please contact a member of our team today.

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