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At Knotty Ash, we specialise in creating bespoke furniture that is perfectly aligned with your environment and expertly designed for the industry you are in. Ultimately, you want security desks that streamline operations, cut costs, and empower your staff. That’s what we provide at Knotty Ash.


Attention To Detail

Our Pro Display Monitor Wall System is a breakthrough in terms of how your staff view the screens they need to monitor for lengthy periods of time. The enhancement of peripheral vision could make the difference between catching a criminal in the act and missing a repeat offender who gets away with one more act of theft. The Pro Display Monitor Wall System is ideally positioned above eye level to reduce neck strain and facilitate the ability to view all possible angles while prioritising the comfort of your security personnel. Small images can also be magnified on the large screen to allow for a closer inspection without any eye strain or postural discomfort that may otherwise occur.


24 Hour Environment-Friendly

When it comes to security desks, our modular desk range can accommodate single or multiple monitors as necessary while still maintaining an ideal amount of space, so your staff are comfortable and empowered to carry out their tasks. All security environments are similarly catered to with our security desks and durable enough for the round-the-clock environment in which they will be assembled in. With our security desks, the enhancing power is in your hands.


Colour Visualisation

All our security furniture can be viewed in advance with our 3D colour visualisation to ensure you receive the right design for your control room environment to a tee. Bespoke furniture is our speciality at Knotty Ash, so whichever desk you choose from our Commander Desk Range, it will slot perfectly into your pre-existing environment or be the perfect foundation for your new CCTV monitoring station.

If you are curious about what our security desk range can do for you, take a further look at our website. If you are ready to commit to an ergonomic security station with the help of expertly designed security furniture, contact a member of the team today.

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