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When you think of a broadcast studio desk, what do you think of? Whatever answer you come up with will not be wrong. But it also may not be the same as the person next to you when they are asked the same question. The beauty of what we do at Knotty Ash Woodworking is that our visions don’t stay that way for long thanks to the highly experienced team of craftsmen we’ve taken on a journey of high-quality manufacturing.


It’s important to work with a company who has created a range of media installations to suit the varying demands of different environments. In recent years, homeworking has seen a surge in popularity and our broadcast studio desks are just as fit for a home studio as they are for the studio you were using prior to covid regulations. We can complete single workstations and edit room fit outs to exacting standards because our team of craftsmen have the experience and aptitude necessary to exceed your expectations and offer the most appropriate materials or other valuable additions. That said, it is important to emphasise how well we adhere to your design brief.


A broadcast studio desk is at its best when it is ergonomic enough to support the team or individual for prolonger periods of time in what is often a 24/7 environment. Comfort is important but so is having a desk with built-in features that support the technical equipment in terms of carefully plotted desk space and features like height adjustability.


To see a recent project, you can view our office fit-out project for NBC London.

​Why were we trusted to deliver a project on such a grand scale for a company with a far-reaching reputation? Our extensive experience in supplying the broadcasting sector with comprehensive desk systems speaks for itself. Plus, we install consoles to complement your existing applications that still embody all the custom-made features you requested.

Take a look at our range of broadcast furniture on our website or contact our team today for more information.

installed radio studio desk at KISS FM

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