Why You Should Invest in a Salon Reception Desk

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If you own a salon, you know how important making a visual impact is on generating business. The look of the salon has an invaluable impact on drawing potential customers in and making them sure of the quality service you provide. Since they are generally positioned in plain view of the door to allow for proactive customer service, salon reception desks play a key role in drawing customers in and need to fit the premises.


One of the ways salon reception desks convey professionalism is with the shape of the desk. Since they are situated in a creative environment, an asymmetric design could reflect well for a business meant to attract alternative clients, or a high, rectangular design would be a simple way to achieve a dramatic effect of instantly portraying professionalism. Whichever shape you think looks best, our experienced design team can easily help you turn it into a physical desk with their ability to interpret your design brief efficiently.


The material of your desk also matters in how your salon appears as a brand. Glass is effortless elegance; high class, while metal complements cold hues and stonework embodies an artistic flair with a leftfield yet top-quality. At Knotty Ash, we can also use vinyl, wood and composite materials as requested. Our design team intrinsically understands the impact of each material and once a project is started, your specific requirements become just as important to us as if they were for our own business. That’s a part of the secret of manufacturing beloved salon reception desks: our commitment to delivering a desk that fits your environment perfectly.


We also offer CAD visualisation so you can see the desk before you are presented with the finished product. If you think your requirements are hyper-specific and you are looking for a qualified company to meet your needs, look no further.


From multi-featured salon reception desks to compact designs and beyond, we can help. Contact our team today.

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